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         Developmental Reading Assessment

The Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) is a set of individually administered criterion-referenced reading assessments for students in kindergarten through Grade 6. Modeled after an informal reading inventory, the DRA is intended to be administered, scored, and interpreted by classroom teachers. There are two instruments in the DRA series: the Developmental Reading Assessment, Kindergarten through Grade 3, which includes the DRA Word Analysis, and the Developmental Reading Assessment, 4–6.

How is it used?
The DRA2 K–3 and 4-6 are intended to identify students’ independent reading level, defined as a text on which students meet specific criteria in terms of accuracy, fluency, and comprehension. Additional purposes include identifying students’ reading strengths and weaknesses, planning instruction, monitoring reading growth, and, for the DRA2 4–8, preparing students to meet classroom and testing expectations and providing information to stakeholders regarding reading achievement levels. The DRA Word Analysis is designed to evaluate the phonological awareness and phonics skills of students in kindergarten and early first grade and the word analysis skills of below-grade-level readers in Grades 1 through 5.

How will it affect my child?
Once your child’s reading level is determined, the teachers will have an abundance of resources at their disposal, making it possible to focus on instructional requirements and tailor teaching based on specific needs of the students in their classroom. Using the DRA results, the teachers can identify critical points of intervention and compare student progress with benchmark expectations. They can also allocate instructional materials and personnel resources to effectively group students based on individual needs.



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