Principal's Message

Welcome to Thessalon Public School, home of Thessalon Thunder.

We hope that you have been enjoying your summer and staying safe!  

There are many different emotions and feelings as we approach this unique start to the school year. Please know that we are diligently working to ensure the safety of our students and staff, and continue to adapt our thinking and approach as the landscape changes.    


As you are aware from the survey earlier in August, parents have the option for their child to attend school in person, or to learn remotely by way of online learning.  After reviewing the survey results, 30 students, originally registered in our school, are now registered for remote online learning.  Since our ‘in person” student enrolment has declined, it was necessary to collapse a classroom as well as the Learning Support Program Classroom.  LSP students will continue to be supported while integrated in the Gr. 4/5 classroom.  Our current organization is as follows:


JK/SK:  Ms. Petrocco 22/9 = 31  (using 2 classrooms)

Gr. 1:  Mrs. Jeffery 20 = 19  

Gr. 1/2: Mrs. Beemer 3/17 = 20  

Gr. 3/4: Mr. Gagliardi 18/5= 23  

Gr. 4/5: Ms. Crack 9/14= 23 

Gr. 5/6: Ms. Cooke 5/18=23  

Preregistration of students is required and continues to be open until tomorrow, August 26th.


Staff are in the process of reorganizing class lists.  They are ensuring that we take student strengths and needs into account so they are set up for success.  Families of students who are part of a small grade grouping within a combined class will be contacted.  The above outline gives you an idea of what class your child will likely be in.  In addition, we will be following the ADSB Staggered Entry Plan below, additionally we will have Gr. 3/4 attend on Tuesday, Gr.4/5 on Wednesday, and Gr. 5/6 on Thursday.  We will be contacting families of Junior Kindergarten students to let them know their start day during that first week.  Staggered entry is cumulative, so once your child starts they will continue to attend from that day forward.


We thank you for your ongoing patience and flexibility during these changes and unusual times. Staff are very much looking forward to seeing the students again in September! 


Mrs. J. Tetreault                                                       Mr. J. Greco

Principal                                                                     Vice Principal